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Mr Teo Kim Foo is founder of Brilliance Brain Enterprise and also the Chairman of Malaysia Memory Sports Organization (MMSO), an organisation registered under the Societies Act 1966 of Malaysia. The organisation is licensed by the World Memory Sports Council (WMSC), an independent governing body of the Mind Sports of Memory and regulates competitions worldwide.


The objective of BBE is to promote effectively memory techniques to the public, by learning the techniques which used by the World top Memory Atheles accelerate the speed in studies, and train more people to participate in the World Class Memory Championships.


Mr Teo Kim Foo is an accomplished memory athlete and achieved the title of International Master of Memory (IMM) in 2014.  IMM is awarded to qualified athletes who participated in the World Memory Championships run by the WMSC and to achieve this title one must be reached a certain standard of championship's points, and also be able to:

1.    Memorise 1 deck of shuffled card in less than 2 minutes.

2.    Memorise minimum 10 decks of shuffled cards in 1 hour.

3.    Memorise minimum 1,000 of random numbers in 1 hour.


Mr Teo Kim Foo Achievement:


Year 2011:  Participated in World Memory Championships, achieved one of the qualification of Grant Master of Memory.

Year 2012:  Participated in MMLM Malaysia Mind Competition, awarded 3rd Prize.

Year 2013:  Participated in MMLM Malaysian Mind Competition, awarded 2nd Prize.

Year 2013:  Participated in Hong Kong International Open Memory Championship, achieved 4 highest score of Malaysia’s record.  

Year 2014:  Participated in Malaysia MMLM Mind Competition, awarded 1st Prize.

Year 2014:  Participated in Japan Open Memory Championship, achieved Spoken Number category 1st Place & Historical Date and Event 3rd Place.

Year 2014:  Participate in World Memory Championships, awarded the title of International Master of Memory (IMM)              

Year 2014: Licenced by World Memory Sports Council to establish Malaysia Memory Sports Council in Malaysia.

Year2015:  Appointed as Coach of Malaysia Memory Sports Team.

Year 2015: The 1st Singapore International Open Memory Championship's Arbiter.

Year 2015: The 1st Asia Memory Championship and 3rd Hong Kong International Open Memory Championship's Arbiter.

Year 2015: The 1st Taiwan Open Memory Championship’s Arbiter

Year 2015: The 24th World Memory Championship’s Arbiter, Chian, Chengdu.

Year 2015: Organised The 1st Memory International Open Memory Championship in Pulau Pinang.

Year 2016: The 25th World Memory Championship's Senior Arbiter, Singapore.



Teo Kim Foo
  • Founder of Brilliance Brain Enterprise

  • International Master of Memory

  • Malaysia Memory Sports Organization, Chairman

  • International Memory Championships, Certified Arbiter

  • Asia Memory Sports Council, Committee

  • Singapore Memory Art Pte Ltd, Memory Trainer

  • China Qingdao Kong Yi  Sinology Learning Cente, Memory Trainer

  • Taiwan Memory Sports Council, Honorary Consultant

Moh Ee Ching
  • Bachelor of Arts (HONS) Chinese Studies

  • Malaysia Memory Sports Council, Committe

  • Memory Course Advisor

  • Brilliance Brain Memory Technques Trainer

  • Memory Athlete

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