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Memory Competition:

Memory Competition:
The Memory Championships have become the most comprehensive test of competitive memory in the World.

Obviously, none of the competitors were born with particularly good memories. For all of them, this is a skill they have developed by learning the techniques and doing a lot of practice, just like any other sports.

Names and Faces will be one of 10 events in the Championships. The ten disciplines are designed to measure pure skill in the areas which memory is important rather than an individual’s knowledge on a particular subject. They are not culturally or language specific, thus ensuring a level playing field for International competition. As well as names and faces and playing cards, memory subjects include spoken numbers, dates and events, abstract images and random words.

Memory competitions play as a platform to memory athletes challenge and exchange the skill of memory.

There are Two Memory Competitions in Malaysia:


1) Malaysia Open Memory Championships. Two days event. It organizes by Malaysia Memory Sports Organization, endorsed by World Memory Sports Council. The competition open for all memory athletes from nationalwide and Worldwide irrespective of age. For more detail:

2) Malaysia Mind Competition. One-day event organizes by Malaysia Mental Literacy Movement (MMLM), together with Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. The competition open to all malaysian, irrespective of age.
For more detail:


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